Dr. Amirreza Rafaat may recommend that you receive root canal therapy if your smile has been severely damaged. Our dentist and team at Herndon Smile Design can help you to restore the health of your smile without the discomfort that has traditionally been associated with the procedure. If you need a root canal treatment in Herndon, Virginia, schedule your appointment at 703-464-0000.

If the tooth pulp or nerves of the tooth become damaged, our dentist may need to perform the endodontic treatment of root canal therapy. If the decayed tooth is left untreated, the tooth may die, requiring extraction. During this procedure, Dr. Amirreza Rafaat will remove the damaged tissue from within the tooth, clean the inside of the tooth and fill it with medication to promote healing. Our dentist will then likely place a dental crown over the tooth to return the tooth to its natural appearance and function.

For many of our patients, the thought of a root canal is stress-inducing. Concerns of discomfort often leave patients worried about receiving such a procedure. Thanks to the developments of modern dentistry, Dr. Amirreza Rafaat can comfortably provide you with this treatment, avoiding discomfort and anxiety. If you are nervous about an upcoming root canal, please call our office. One of our team members would be happy to talk to you about your concerns and how we can help you to have a pleasant experience.

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