5 Flaws Easily Corrected by Veneers

Originally Published May 17th, 2018 If you don’t like the way your smile looks, and your teeth are healthy, you may be a candidate for dental veneers. Dental veneers are very thin covers that are attached to the surfaces of your teeth. The veneers that Dr. Amirreza Rafaat uses are made of porcelain, which reflects light like natural teeth, giving... read more »

Veneers: Rebuild Your Confidence With a Perfect Smile

Originally Published on Oct 15th, 2018 When you’re unhappy with your smile, it can affect your self-esteem and confidence. There’s nothing worse than hiding your smile because you feel embarrassed and ashamed of how your teeth look, even when they’re completely healthy. If you’re lacking self-esteem because your teeth are discolored, chipped, or worn down, you can rebuild your confidence... read more »

Why Teeth Whitening is the Most Popular Cosmetic Service

Feb. 28, 2018 Your teeth play a crucial role in the impression you impart to others. Perhaps that’s why increasing numbers of people are seeking the help of cosmetic dentistry to make up for what nature didn’t deliver or the toll time has taken on their pearly whites. To underscore this point, the global teeth whitening industry is expected to... read more »

5 Important Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep Apnea

Originally Published Dec. 14, 2017 You may be one of the over 40 million Americans with sleep-disordered breathing, yet you may be completely unaware of it. Lack of awareness means you might fail to seek treatment for this potentially life-threatening disorder. If you have sleep apnea, you’re four times more likely to have a stroke, and six times more likely... read more »

The Danger of Not Treating Sleep Apnea: Your Guide to Overcoming Dental Anxiety

on Jun 4th, 2018 Ranking just behind insomnia as the second most common sleep problem, obstructive sleep apnea affects an estimated 18 million Americans. If you have sleep apnea, you have trouble getting your breath while you’re sleeping, so your body wakes you up to help you breathe. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs if you wake up at least five times... read more »

Reverse Gum Recession Without Grafting (pinhole procedure)

Originally Published Mar 29th, 2018 A New Technique That Revolutionizes Gum Recession Surgery Surgery of any kind, including dental gum surgery, is a daunting prospect — the discomfort, the downtime, the disruption -- it’s hard to find a silver lining no matter how you slice it. Until now. Here at Lansdowne & Herndon Smile Design, Amirreza Rafaat, DDS, is constantly... read more »

Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Invisalign

Originally Published Feb. 28, 2018 Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply imagine a better you, and poof, it instantaneously happens? Think about it. We would actually meet all our New Year’s resolutions. Well, snap out of it, and get back to reality. Anything worth having takes effort. The good news is if you’ve made a commitment to straightening... read more »

Five Reasons You Should Consider Invisalign Over Braces

Dec. 10, 2018 Are you tired of confidence-knocking, crooked teeth? Maybe you wish you could straighten your teeth but just the thought of metal braces sends shivers down your spine. Invisalign could be just the answer. As the name suggests, Invisalign is a set of virtually invisible aligners that are designed to move your teeth slowly but surely into that... read more »

Fixing Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

on Sep 26th, 2018 At Lansdowne & Herndon Smile Design, we see crooked teeth every day. Crooked teeth can draw attention, and when you become conscious of others looking at misaligned teeth, you start to hide your beautiful smile. We see patients who would like to fix their crooked teeth, but so many people do not believe it is possible.... read more »

Dental Implants 101: Everything You Need to Know

Originally Published May 3rd, 2018 At Lansdowne and Herndon Smile Design, Dr. Amirreza Rafaat offers many smile-improving services to enhance the appearance of your pearly whites. But what if you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth and are afraid to smile? Many people who have lost teeth due to disease, decay, or injury stop smiling and start hiding... read more »

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