If you have experienced tooth or bone loss in the jaw, our dentist may be able to help you regain the aesthetics of your face with a ridge augmentation treatment in Herndon, Virginia. We can help you to achieve a healthier and more natural-looking facial aesthetic. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Amirreza Rafaat at Herndon Smile Design, by calling 703-464-0000.

Ridge augmentation is a form of bone grafting that recreates the natural contour of the gums and jawbone after experiencing tooth and bone loss. After losing a tooth, the natural ridge of the jawbone may deteriorate, leaving an unattractive indentation in the jawbone. The loss of the dental structure affects more than just the aesthetics of the face. It can also make replacing the lost tooth more difficult.

Our dentist can improve the density of the ridge through bone grafting, thus improving the appearance of the facial structure while improving the odds of a successful dental implant procedure. Dr. Rafaat can augment the ridge by placing bone grafts into the indentations of the bone, where tooth loss has occurred.

Ridge augmentation can be performed immediately after extracting a tooth, which can eliminate the need for an additional procedure later. This treatment can also be performed later, to prepare for the placement of a dental implant. Let our team help you to create a smile that you feel confident in.

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