For our patients who suffer from dental cavities, our dentists and team can restore your smile with composite dental fillings. Dr. Amirreza Rafaat and Dr. Sanin Emelee have extensive experience working with patients to create healthy, natural-looking smiles at Herndon Smile Design. Our team is knowledgeable and gentle with the care we provide, so you can rest easy knowing that your teeth are in good hands. Get your dental fillings in Herndon, Virginia, by setting up your appointment at 703-464-0000.

At Herndon Smile Design, our team can repair minor to moderate tooth damage through the use of a dental filling. If the tooth has been damaged by decay or if the tooth has experienced minor chipping, a dental filling can be used to restore the tooth’s structure and function. There are two types of fillings that are commonly used in the dental field: amalgam fillings and composite fillings. In our commitment to the safest dentistry practices, Dr. Rafaat only uses composite fillings, which do not contain metals or mercury. The composite filling is also-tooth colored, so your restoration will match your natural smile’s aesthetic.

Dr. Rafaat or Dr. Emelee can typically restore the tooth with a dental filling in only one visit to the office. The procedure is quick, effective and very comfortable. We remove the damage and decayed portion of the tooth, cleaning it to remove decay. The dentists fills the tooth area with dental filling material, shaping the material to match your tooth’s natural shape. After performing these steps, we harden the filling, so you can have a long-lasting restoration that looks and feels great.

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