Do you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep? You aren’t alone in this. Many of our patients suffer from bruxism, which refers to the grinding and clenching of teeth. At Herndon Smile Design, our dentists and team can create a custom night guard, which can be worn while sleeping to protect your teeth from damage. Dr. Amirreza Rafaat or Dr. Sanin Emelee will make sure that your night guard is made specifically for your mouth’s dimensions. This custom-fitted device will be highly comfortable since it won’t be too large or small for your mouth.

Since teeth grinding is an issue that often happens while sleeping, many of our patients don’t realize that they grind their teeth. Occasionally, a family member may notice, but typically it is the dentists and dental team who notice the signs of teeth grinding:

  • Frequent jaw pain
  • Waking with a tired feeling in the jaw
  • Frequent headaches
  • Extreme tooth wear
  • Indentations on the sides of the tongue
  • Tooth sensitivity

Another benefit from the use of a night guard is in the treatment of TMJ and sleep apnea. Depending on your individual needs, our dentists may recommend that you use a specialized night guard to assist with these other oral issues.

By wearing a night guard while you sleep, you will be able to rest comfortably while protecting your teeth from damage. Come to our office to get your night guard in Herndon, Virginia. Schedule your appointment at 703-464-0000.

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